Change on the Run
Change on the Run

Episode 57 · 4 months ago

Reporting Against a Timeline with Jennifer Rhodes


Phil is joined by business transformation and change management leader Jennifer Rhodes to discuss reporting against a timeline.

At the center of every change initiative is a project plan that maps the activities and tasks required to transition people from current to new ways of working. It functions as a work back schedule from the post-launch support to the project kickoff.

Teams supporting a change spend significant time reporting against the timeline. Being “ahead of” or “on plan” is the goal, but often, falling behind is a reality.

The ability to communicate progress against a timeline is an essential change management skill. Those who do it well can influence expectations and plan details; those who don’t can experience greater scrutiny, extra work and lost confidence in their capabilities.

So, how do you report against a timeline to inform stakeholders, guide expectations, and make required enhancements that lead to successful change?

Jennifer can be reached at:

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