Influencing Decisions with John Bradley and Carrie Bradley


Phil is joined by business partners John Bradley and Carrie Bradley to discuss the best ways to influence decisions through change. 

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Episode 8 · 1 week ago

Communicating Effectively with Linda Kennyhertz

Phil is joined by change leader and communicator Linda Kennyhertz to discuss best practices for effective communication. 

Episode 7 · 3 weeks ago

Not Taking Things Personally with Paul Marchildon

Phil is joined by branding consultant, motivational speaker and author Paul Marchildon to discuss strategies on how to avoid taking things personally.

Episode 6 · 1 month ago

Responding to Criticism with Roberta Assaf

Phil is joined by change consultant Roberta Assaf to discuss constructive ways to respond to criticism. 

Episode 5 · 1 month ago

Setting Your Personal Goals with Jamie Allison

Phil is joined by author, podcast host and HR consultant Jamie Allison to discuss the best ways to set your own personal goals for a change initiative.